TripleMinds assists non-profits with grant seeking and proposal writing.

Our Story

Dedication and Commitment

We love what we do and we do what we love. 

TripleMinds is a social business supporting NGOs and donors in the development sector. We have been working in the non-profit world for more than 15 years at various NGOs where we were in charge of securing funds for our projects and programs as well as implementation on the ground. This gave us the unique experience to get to work with a vast variety of donors such as governments (EU, DFID, USAID, ADA, etc.), UN agencies (UNHCR, UN Women, etc.), banks like the African Development Bank, foundations (Medicor, LED, etc.) as well as other NGOs. 

In total we have fundraised over 80 million Euro for more than 200 non-profit organisations and social businesses spread across the world.  

What we do for you


Fundraising &  Proposals 

We operate the funding platform TripleFunds where NGOs can access over 4,000 funding opportunities, training resources as well as webinars and proposal writing.

Identifying suitable donors, carrying out grant coaching and proposal writing as well as establishing contacts with donors are part of our portfolio. We focus on foundations.

Evaluations & Reviews

We have broad experience in conducting baselines, mid-term and final evaluations in various sectors, countries and languages. 

We also love to focus our work on impact orientation and conduct (rigorous and qualitative) impact studies. In total we have carried out over 20 evaluations across various sectors so far.

Trainings & Webinars

We design and deliver face-to-face and online trainings for development NGOs and social businesses in all our areas of expertise: fundraising from public and private donors, project planning and proposal development, monitoring and (impact) evaluation.

Our webinars (live and audio recordings) are a great way to learn more about fundraising.

Across the world

We are working with more than 200 organisations based on all continents on increasing their access to funding opportunities, improving their capacities (i.e. on proposal writing or budgeting) in our in-house trainings and online webinars and we are carrying out evaluations (i.e. final, impact or meta evaluations). 

Read what some of our partners say about TripleMinds:

"The workshop was diverting and entertaining, and at the same time very informative and highly competent!"



"Greetings from New York! First a word of thanks for creating such a useful resource like TripleFunds! We use it frequently and find it very helpful."


"Well done again on an excellent webinar. I can tell              you that it was excellent value for money!"                  

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