4,000 grants for NGOs

TripleFunds gives you access to grants and donors for developing countries, trains you on fundraising from foundations, and helps you with proposal writing.


4,000+ opportunities

TripleFunds has two databases: the grants database features time-bound calls for proposals and the donor database static profiles of over 2,700 donors.


50+ resource guides

Twice a month we add new resource guides to the membership area. These are pdf guides on special topics like "Donor mapping for Kenya", "Foundation funding", or alike.


- Sectors: agriculture & rural development, education, health, water & sanitation, peace building, human rights, governance, social inclusion, disability, women & gender, economic developmment, food security

- Countries: over 170 developing and emerging countries with a special filter to narrow down your search

- Donor types and donor base: government, foundations, funds, UN agencies, business incubators, crowdfunding, NGOs with additional filter to search for donor base

- Eligible applicants: non-profit organisations, social businesses, individuals

- Grant sizes: small (up to $100,000), medium (up to $1,000,000) and large (more than $1,000,000)

- Funding types: grants, loans, equity, others


- Personalised dashboard

- Favorites option to save your best matches

- Print and pdf function for single entries

- Weekly email alert with all entries of last 7 days

- My account to manage your organisational details and orders 

- Sorting function per deadline

- Free text search for keywords

- Up to 5 user accounts per package



6 months, full access to all features


Top Seller - most favorite

12 months plus one month for free, full access to all features



12 months plus one month for free, full access to all features PLUS 1 donor mapping PLUS 3 proposal reviews