Whitley Awards 2019


1) Objective

The Whitley Fund for Nature (WFN) is a UK registered charity offering Whitley Awards and ongoing support to outstanding nature conservationists around the developing world. The fund aims to: (1) find and fund the most effective grassroots conservation leaders in developing countries; (2) support the scale-up of projects with a track record of success, founded on scientific evidence and community involvement; (3) fund practical work that will have a long-lasting impact on the ground; (4) provide a platform for winners to boost their national and international profile; and (5) work with winners to improve awareness of the serious problems facing biodiversity worldwide and address them through effective and inspiring solutions.

2) Eligibility

Application to the Whitley Awards is open and applicants do not need to be nominated. Whitley Awards are for successful and dynamic, mid-career conservation professionals who are leading wildlife conservation projects that involve local communities. WFN seek applicants from grassroots conservation NGOs incorporated in biodiversity-rich developing countries, rather than in-country staff from NGOs headquartered in developed countries. They are interested to see applications from conservationists working to conserve freshwater and marine ecosystems in addition to those that conserve terrestrial biodiversity.

3) Location

Eligible are all countries worldwide.

4) Budget

This year's Whitley Awards are worth £40,000 GBP in funding, to be spent over a period of one year.

5) Application

Applications close at midnight GMT on 31 October 2018. The Awards will be presented at the annual Whitley Awards Ceremony in April/May 2019 and successful applicants will receive funding in June 2019.