Raise more funds for your NGO with donor mapping

A donor mapping lets you know the background of donors, their giving history, and preferred methods of grant giving to be one step ahead.

After we have carried out our in-depth research process, you receive:

1. Your donor mapping document with an overview of the selected donors (30 donors)

2. A prospect ranking template where you can rank the donors according to your internal criteria

3. A proposal submission workplan template as to develop who/where/when submits what

4. A follow up coaching via Skype on the identified donors including tips and tricks on proposal writing

1. Donor mapping document

The donor mapping is a PDF document where the selected donors are listed. It contains 30-35 pages.

Each donor is described on one page and the following details are provided: background information, website (URL of donor), contact details (address and name of contact person), thematic focus (overview of priority sectors of donor), countries (countries where the donor is active and has funded projects already) and application procedure (information about application process) as well as grant sizes. We also add special remarks on the suitability with your project if available.

2. Prospect ranking template

This template will serve you well to rank your donors after you have received our mapping. You can define your own internal criteria which is important to you (i.e. location of donor, funding volumes etc.) and rank the donors accordingly. 

It is an Excel document with the following sections: name of donor and website, countries (drop-down menu), focus areas/sectors (drop-down menu), application information, prospect rating (drop-down menu low to medium), notes and action to be taken.

3. Proposal submission workplan template

In a next step, we recommend you to draft a workplan for the donors that you have ranked highest. The workplan defines the steps that are necessary to approach the donor and develop application documents. 

It is an Excel document which covers: name of donor, calendar months and weeks, definition of activities, who is in charge, which deliverable is needed, and what is the status.

4. Follow up Skype coaching 

After we have completed the donor mapping, we arrange a Skype call with you or your team. In the Skype call we will go through each selected donor, explain you in more details what we have found out in our research process and let you know any insider tips that we might have with this donor. We will also share with you which donors we deem most suitable.

You have the chance to ask any outstanding questions like on the application procedure or how a successful proposal looks like.